In January 2021, Chantelle White joined the Youth Engineering scheme in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.

Designed to provide opportunities in Engineering for individuals unsure of their career path, Youth Engineering provides a flexible approach to learning, providing a real-life manufacturing environment in a small, friendly atmosphere.

Chantelle joined Youth Engineering through the apprenticeship programme, studying at North Lindsey College alongside learning new skills and techniques at the Scunthorpe Facility. We asked her how she was finding her first nine months with the scheme.

Apprenticeship expectations & reality

Starting a new job can be daunting. Chantelle, like many of us, was nervous about embarking on a new role within Youth Engineering. “I was a bit concerned about fitting in” says Chantelle. “I had no need to worry though. The people are wonderful and Youth Engineering is so much better than I could have imagined. We are like a family and the team provide me with any support I need.”

Improving confidence

One of the important parts of the scheme is to develop individuals to ensure they reach their full potential. Patsy Payling, Managing Director for Youth Engineering commented “we see a lot of individuals joining the scheme with little confidence in their abilities. We work with every individual, developing their skills and encouraging belief in themselves. This provides them with the skills and qualities required for the next chapter in their careers.”

When asked about how she has changed since starting her apprenticeship, Chantelle explained “my confidence has definitely improved, and I have learnt more about myself and what I am capable of”.

A learning curve

Chantelle has been offered the opportunity to try out and learn all aspects of engineering machinery, such as the Fly Press, hand tools and the Punching machine. She has also spent time learning about packaging, lifting and gluing, and now understands more about components and construction of doors.

When asked about what she would say to somebody thinking about joining Youth Engineering, Chantelle told us “Just go for it! You will love it and learn so much along the way!”

A bright future

“Chantelle has been an excellent asset for Youth Engineering this year” says Patsy. “She is hardworking and friendly and has helped out so much during the pandemic. We believe she has a bright future ahead of her in engineering”.

Keep up the good work Chantelle!

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