Youth Engineering is not only about our apprentices; it is driven by a team of skilled and experienced people.

This is the first in a series of introductions highlighting the hard work and contribution of our people, which in turn enables our bright youngsters to flourish within the organisation.

This month we interviewed Keanu.

Keanu & YES

Keanu joined the Youth Engineering Scunthorpe (YES) team in 2016 as a paint line operator whilst studying towards an NVQ in Performance Manufacturing Operations. Since Keanu joined the team, he has worked in several positions within YES and in doing so, has developed a broad range of skills.

Keanu now operates the CNC Fibre Laser machine, which is ideal for cutting through metal to create bespoke products and parts. Enjoying his role, Keanu has no immediate plans for the future, but has taken an interest in the design side of engineering. “I really enjoy operating the laser cutter and the responsibility that comes with it” Keanu admits. “I’ve definitely developed an interest in the design side of engineering, and it is something I’d like to pursue later in my career”.

Weird & Wonderful

Keanu’s interests expand beyond the world of YES. He enjoys an array of different activities and boasts an extended range of interests. “I used to regularly go paintballing with my friends. We used to have a good laugh and we still go from time to time” said Keanu. “Although, I used to run in all guns blazing which is probably why I never joined a team!”.

We asked Keanu to give us a mixture of weird and wonderful facts about himself, and here’s what we found out:

#1 I can clap with one hand
#2 Youth Engineering was my first job
#3 My favourite TV series is Breaking Bad
#4 My nickname is Kip
#5 My favourite meal is Steak and Potatoes
#6 I used to have a bright pink Mohawk hairstyle when I was younger
#7 My favourite film is Step Brothers
#8 I’ve been with YES for 6 years

We will let you decide which is ranked number 1!

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