Welding is an essential cog in the Youth Engineering wheel, as almost all our bespoke components require a skilled welder to craft these products from pieces of metal.

During this series, we are aiming to introduce the skilled individuals of the Youth Engineering team who not only keep the cogs turning, but also pass their knowledge on to the next generation.

The latest interviewee is Kyle.

From strength to strength

Kyle developed his love for welding whilst studying towards a Level 2 Certificate in Engineering-Fab & Weld at North Lindsey College. During his time at college, Kyle learned intermediate-level welding skills which has given him a foundation to build on, some skills being:

  • How to weld using different processes and materials
  • Cut and shape plate work
  • Handle engineering information

After completing the Level 2 Certificate, Kyle was unsure of what steps to take next and found himself seeking guidance from a Careers Advisor. Kyle admitted, “I was unsure of what to do after I finished college, I loved welding but didn’t know where to go next. I was low on confidence, but the Careers Advisor encouraged me to apply for YES, and said it was a good step for not only my career but also my confidence”.

Since joining Youth Engineering, Kyle has gone from strength to strength, not only expanding his skill set but also gaining confidence along the way. “Youth Engineering was a really good step for me. I was definitely anti-social before joining, but I’ve found myself growing in confidence, which is mostly down to the people who work here; they’ve helped me a lot”.

Where am I now?

Kyle joined Youth Engineering 4 years ago and now his main responsibility within Youth Engineering is to craft bespoke components for inner parts of doors, such as receiver blocks and lockboxes. “I’ve enjoyed the journey so far” Kyle said. “I feel like it was the right choice to join YES, and I have learned a lot during my time here”.

We asked Kyle what he loved most about Youth Engineering and his role, to which Kyle replied, “The people are great; they’ve definitely helped to build my confidence a lot. I enjoy the fast-paced environment and practical hands-on approach to the job; I’m more of a practical person”.

We hope Kyle’s story can inspire those whose confidence is preventing them from taking the next step!

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