At Youth Engineering, we believe our unique approach sets us apart from other engineering manufacturers, providing personalised training and bespoke manufacturing services in Lincolnshire and further afield.

Who we are

Youth Engineering was founded in 2014 by Bradbury Group’s chairman Tim Strawson. When Tim founded Youth Engineering, he recognised there was a need for young people without mainstream education or training to learn new skills in engineering, a fundamental part of the manufacturing sector in the UK.

Alternative career opportunities

Youth Engineering provides training and qualification opportunities in engineering for individuals who are unsure of their future career path. Our flexible approach enables any individual, regardless of work, education or health history, to gain hands on, real life experience, without adding the daily pressures felt in mainstream education and workplaces. We encourage people from all walks of life, regardless of previous experience, to learn new skills in a real-life manufacturing environment.

Bespoke components for manufacturers

At Youth Engineering, we manufacture bespoke components for a range of applications throughout the UK. Customers benefit from cost-effective pricing, a fast service response and quick lead times. Our customers are fundamental to our charity, providing the funding required to continue the scheme.

Collaborate with future employers

The Youth Engineering programme provides training and upskills individuals in an engineering discipline. Once they complete the programme, we encourage local manufacturers to provide long-term, permanent work for the individual. We don’t focus solely on one age group, meaning manufacturers can benefit from young, motivated employees and more experienced people.

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